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February 12, 2019 @ 7:19 pm

Advantages of Electronic Health Records

Technology has facilitated the changes in many sectors including the health sector where patients data and information is stored and accessed electronically through the introduction of electronic health records. The electronic health record keeping has led to reduced paperwork experienced in many health facilities during the use of manual data and record keeping. Practitioners prefer electronic health record keeping since patient information is only accessible on demand and they are important since they save money, time and also lives. Accessing patient information and data is more easy and faster when using the electronic health record keeping technique and many practitioners prefer the method to any other. The following are some advantages of using electronic health records.

Paperwork is less experienced in record keeping since more of it is done electronically with the help of computerized systems Patient record and information is easy to retrieve and faster since the record storage doesn’t involve more of the paperwork but stored in a centralized computerized system. Record stored electronically is safe and can be only accessible on demand. Patient data and record from one department to another doesn’t involve any paperwork since information is transferred electronically.

Communication between physicians has been greatly improved with the help of electronic health record keeping and fewer errors are experienced than the paper records. Electronic health record ensures that parties involved in patient’s information and record access the information fully rather than having a snapshot type overview from current visit. The fully access allows and gives room for more in depth evaluation which enables doctors reach an accurate diagnosis more quickly avoiding some errors made on paper record. The use of electronic health record makes it easy for doctors to make a follow up of patients recovery track and continue care for both the patients under his or her care and those from other doctors. Electronic health record is also important and critical since they are used at times in life saving situations because emergency providers use the information to help and save patients.

Another importance of electronic health record is that it is has improved patients care outcomes and more empowered patients. With the help of electronic health record keeping patients can now access their personal health record which enables them to have an active role in managing their outcomes and well being. The introduction of patient portals provide all the needed information of a patient and also it provides a convenient way of scheduling appointments and refill prescription since communication is done electronically. Patient information is centrally stored electronically which makes it accessible from any care setting when ensuring effective delivery of treatment. Better coordinated care is enhanced by the outflow nature of patient information electronically eliminating duplicate testing and facilitate easier documentation.

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